Medical Diagnostics

Many clinical-chemical investigations begin with the fact that the cellular material must be separated from the liquid to be examined. The most important physical method that is used for this purpose is centrifugation. Our Universal Centrifuges permit a high throughput and with the large variety of accessories they accept almost all relevant test tubes. For the simple determination of the haematocrit value we offer a Micro Centrifuge Z 216 M with a special Haematocritrotor that delivers results in a very short time.

The following centrifuges are recommended for the area Medical Diagnostics:

Water · Environment · Oil

Hermle large volume Centrifuges can be used for the specific application of sludge dewatering. To determine the fraction of the soil in a timely manner, the ground material in suspension will be centrifuged. For other applications like oil separation we offer special accessories according to the quality standards of ASTM.

The following centrifuges are recommended for the area water • environment • oil

Biotechnology · Pharma · Chemistry

The application areas of HERMLE centrifuges in the fields of biotechnology, chemistry and pharmacy are varied. They can be used for extraction of DNA, vaccines, enzymes and vitamins. One of our unique centrifuges is the filter centrifuge Sieva 3, which is mainly used for the batchwise removal of relatively coarse particles or crystalline substances. Principle of operating this centrifuge is a cake-forming filtration, where the required pressure for the filtration will be generated in the centrifugal field.

The following centrifuges are recommended for the area biotechnology • pharma • chemistry:

Blood banks

HERMLE high-performance centrifuges are designed for maximum reliability in the separation of blood at high throughput. With their reliable performance, these centrifuges meet the highest requirements when processing large volumes and low speeds.

The following centrifuges are recommended for blood banks:


Centrifugation plays an important role in food production. In this case, for example, the solid content in foods such as fruit juices, wine or beer is centrifuged and determined. In the production of milk, the milk fat content (cream) and the proportion of skimmed milk are examined by centrifugation. Our laboratory centrifuges are ideally suited for this and further investigation of food.

Bei der Herstellung von Milch wird mit Hilfe der Zentrifugation der Milchfettfettanteil (Sahne) und der Anteil der Magermilch untersucht. Unsere Laborzentrifugen sind für diese und weitere Untersuchung von Lebensmitteln bestens geeignet.

The following centrifuges are recommended for foods:

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